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The past two posts in this sketching series were on being relaxed, and trying different styles. This week’s focus is on:

Tip #3 – Practice from Life

One of the most important tips I’ve received from other artists is to practice straight from life. Now this doesn’t mean that practicing from a photograph is wrong–I just wouldn’t recommended it if you really want to grow in your ability to accurately sketch with more realism. Seeing an object in 3D is much different then seeing and interpreting it from a 2D picture.

And to be honest with you, this is actually an area I really want to improve in! So … here comes the challenge. Could you keep me accountable to sketching something from life each week until November 3rd? I’ll tweet a sketch here each week (probably on Saturdays), so you can see that I am following up my goal!
These sketches are from a day during last winter when I went outside and tried to sketch things around the house–anything from an empty pot with snow on top of it, to a bud, to icicles hanging from the roof. Though I think I kind of missed it on the icicles! ;-) Oh well, it’s a sketch right?

Here are three different ideas on ways to practice from life:

1. Take a small sketchbook with you wherever you go and tell yourself that you have to make at least one small sketch at each location you visit, whether it’s in your house or while shopping.
2. Find a time when your siblings/parents are sitting still (maybe reading or doing school work) and after asking their permission, sketch a picture of them.
3. Do a 365 ‘Sketch-A-Day’ challenge and try sketching something from life, everyday for a year.
What do you like best about sketching? Share your thoughts, tips and ideas in the comments! I’d love to hear them!