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The past few art tip posts have been focusing on color design, with three tips: value, complementary colors, and observation. Now we’re going to jump into a series on sketching! The first tip is:

Tip #1 – Be Relaxed

I know this might sound a little like basic commonsense, but it truly is an art to be relaxed when drawing or sketching.


Here are some ways to help yourself become relaxed:

– Hold your pencil loosely. (Not so loose you can’t draw, but with a light hand.)
– Sketch boldly and with long strokes. (Avoid using small, tight strokes to make one line.)
– Think about value, and layer your strokes accordingly.


Here’s a couple ideas for ways to practice loose sketching:

– Find a flower. Use a timer, and set it for 2 minutes. In this time, make a sketch of the flower as quickly as you can, being sure to make your sketch as messy as possible, but with good value changes.
– Take a sketchbook in your pocket for the times when you’re waiting in line, or have a couple free minutes. Find something to sketch and make as quick an outline as possible. After doing so, scramble in the details without letting up your pencil from the paper.
What do you like best about sketching? Share your thoughts, tips and ideas in the comments! I’d love to hear them!