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And we’re onto our third part of the Practical Ways to Study from Life series! If you’d like a refresher of what we’ve already covered, you can view the Introduction, Part 1 and Part 2.

Today’s tip is a fun one!

Tip 3: Try New Things

This tip is to encourage us to change things up with how we study from life! Instead of always using a sketchbook and pencil, we can use other supplies in our studying, which will provide variety in our work.

1. Change the Pencil!

Here are some fun options of other things to use besides a sketchbook and pencil!

– Charcoal
– Colored Pencils
– Markers
– Chalk
– Watercolor Paint (Draw with a brush)
– Crayons
– Pastels

2. Change the Paper!

Here are some other “paper” options instead of using a sketchbook!

– Pastel Paper
– Bristol Paper
– The Sidewalk (with chalk)
– Cardboard
– Scraps of Wood
– Whiteboard
– Chalkboard

3. Change the Subject!

Here are some ideas of subjects to study!

– Draw the light coming in a window in the morning and it’s affect on the table and floor.
– Draw the food sitting in the pantry or on the table and arrange it in a creative way.
– Draw a special toy in a new environment.
– Draw a building near you, but only draw a section of it.
– Draw quick sketches of trees when riding in the car.
– Draw a stack of books on top of something unique.
– Draw a pot of soup on the stove, but do it from above, so that the soup can be seen.

What ideas do you have for ways to try new things when studying from life? I’d like to hear them!!