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It’s spring! Isn’t it wonderful to see all the buds coming out and the flowers blooming?

Well, guess what? Now that it’s getting warmer, Clementine Curls could use some new dresses that match the weather! In her spring wardrobe are three dresses, her Flower Gathering Dress, Brown Day Dress and By the Sea Dress!

Also …summer is just around the corner, and so are Clementine Curls’ next dresses! If you have an idea for a kind of dress you would like to see in Clementine Curls wardrobe I’d enjoy hearing about it in the comments! I just might use your idea!

Download Clementine Curls Spring Dresses! Don’t have the doll yet? Click Here!

Clementine Curls Summer Wardrobe
Clementine Curls Fall Wardrobe