Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Art Journal | 2 comments

Recently, I was in the midst of a flurry with the dishes after lunch …and looked to my left to see this. My world suddenly slowed down. Small, insignificant, “just a little thing” …no. This was a gift. Straight from my Creator.

Stop, Melissa, slow down. Take a deep breath. Live. It was a hesitation …a thread-like moment of decision. Enjoy life–or let it act like an emergency. Live–or rush. Smile or frown.

I grabbed my camera, and began to capture the moment. Sure, the dishes still waited on me with their long-lasting patience, the counters were spotted with water, duties were twiddling their thumbs …

but just for a time. Time enough to live …and take a deep breath.

Thank-you, Lord Jesus for the little bug on the dish scrubber. What a reminder of Your love and care.

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