A Creative Way to Meditate on Scripture | Create a Scripture Jar

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“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2
Here’s a simple, creative and fun way to meditate on God’s Word! Create a Scripture Jar. :)


1. Pick a Verse and Find a Jar

Choose a verse you’d like to create with. (Like Galatians 5:22,23.) You can use a mason jar for this, or really any jar that you’d like! :)


2. Go on a Treasure Hunt

Bundle up (if needed) and step outside …think about your verse, and how things around you might parallel the verse or parts of the verse. For example, you might dig up some green vegetation–a symbol of life. God’s Spirit gives us life! (John 6:63, Galatians 5:22,23)


3. Find More Items

Just keep collecting what you find and think fits with the verse. Don’t worry about it if for some reason you forget exactly what your thought was with something. Give yourself space to think and write down your correlations while you work and/or after you’re finished! ;) (And, if you find something you just like, but you’re not sure how it would correlate with the verse, go ahead and keep it and maybe ask your family or friends how they might relate it to the verse. Or, decide on its correlation later.)


4. Take Your Jar Inside and Pull Things Out of It

If you want, you could take a picture of all the pieces laying out separately to remind yourself later of what you choose.

Here’s some thoughts on how these items can relate to Galatians 5:22,23.

GREENERY: The Spirit.

The Spirit gives life!




Joy: Joy can be happy and bright!




Patience: We have to be patient for the rose to bloom.


Kindness: God is kind to the squirrels to give them acorns that they can store for winter.


Goodness: To be truly good, we need to die to self.


Faithfulness: God made pine trees to keep needles on their branches all year long …in a sense, they are a picture of what faithfulness looks like.




Self-Control: A pinecone grows naturally …it doesn’t rush its process along. It waits and becomes what it was meant to be.

5. Design Your Jar

You might want to make your jar into a little garden and include dollhouse furniture in it.


6. Choose a Place to Keep Your Jar

You may even want to put your Bible next to your jar, with your Bible open to the verse you choose! You could also use the jar as an opportunity to share the verse and your thoughts on it with someone else! Take a picture and text or e-mail them a little day brightener! :)

Sadly, the contents in this jar can be perishable, so you might want to take a picture of it before it fades. But the good news is that when this design fades, you can create a new one in the same jar! You could maybe even give yourself a challenge for a week to make seven Scripture Jars using different verses you’re memorizing!


If you were to do a jar like this, what verse would you pick?
Do you like using jars for creative things?
What’s a Scripture verse you’ve meditated on recently?

Polly Dolly | Storytime

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Polly Dolly opened one eye, then the other. Seeing the sunshine, she stretched her arms as far above her head as she could and drew in her breath.

“Ahhh! That feels good.” She giggled to herself as the sun’s rays kissed her cloth cheeks.

“It’s time to get up!” Moving to swing her little legs off the side of the bed, she began to roll instead, making a sudden, unexpected descent to the floor.

For a moment, she blinked. Looking down at the blanket still around her, she laughed.

“I’m all tied up!”

Rolling across the floor to un-do herself, she stood up and lifted the quilt back onto her bed. It was a little challenging work, having no fingers but thumbs to make the bed, but having known nothing else, Polly Dolly was quite satisfied with herself when she was done.

Turning to the mirror nearby, she gave a few quick pats to smooth her clothes.

“Now, I’m ready for the day!”

When Polly Dolly came downstairs, she decided to go for an early morning walk. It was too early to think about breakfast, and besides, it was a beautiful spring day.

“I wonder if I’ll learn something new today?” she thought with a skip. “I like learning new things.”

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A Creative Way to Brighten Your Home with a Paper Doll | Create a Paper Doll Picture

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Here is a fun hands-on way to create your own Paper Doll Picture and brighten a corner in your home! :) Have a spot on your wall that needs to be filled? This craft can be simple and easy! Or, you can make it more challenging if you like …it’s flexible. ;)



– Frame
– Paper doll
– Scrapbook paper
– Scissors
– Glue

Garden magazines, gems, stickers, ribbon, buttons, tape, fabric, lace, etc.
This Paper Doll Picture can be created and designed multiple ways …so even though I mention certain supplies, don’t feel like you have to use exactly what I’m showing here! Let your imagination soar and create it just how you like it! :)


1. Gather Supplies and Cut Out Paper Doll

If you decide to purchase specific paper, you might want to choose your paper doll first and then take the paper doll with you to the craft store to find matching colors. (That could be fun!) :)


2. Choose a Background Piece of Paper and Cut to Size

Choose a background piece of paper for your picture! You might want to use the “substitute picture” that comes with your frame to help you know what size to cut it to. Or, you can use the removable frame back to give you an idea of sizing. Then cut out your background.

3. Design!

Cut out whatever shapes of paper you’d like, along with your doll. You could really play with this …try making hills, a garden, a house, etc. :) You can use buttons, gems, ribbon paper cut outs …whatever you might think would add to the picture!


4. Finish with a Verse

If you like, finish the picture with a verse! The verse I put in this frame (1 Peter 5:5a) and the decorated doll can remind me that humility is beautiful.
I hope you have fun with this craft! Also, if you’d like to use the same free printable paper doll I used, you can find her here!
Also, a thank-you and shout out to my dear sister Melanie for helping me with pictures for this post! :)

What kind of crafting and design is your favorite?
Have you ever created a picture like this?
Do you have any other ideas of craft supplies (like gems, buttons, etc.) that you think would go well with this?

Polly Dolly | Storytime

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On the top floor of the little cottage was Polly Dolly’s bedroom. It had two round windows. The biggest window let sunshine fall right onto her bed. She liked it best this way because she likes bright, happy things and she never put a shade on the window. This morning was just such a bright and happy morning! Polly Dolly was snuggled down cozy and warm inside of her bed when the first rays of spring sunshine tickled her awake …

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Perseverance | Encouragement for Your Day

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“He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.” Proverbs 10:4
“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.” – Isaac Newton