Perseverance | Encouragement for Your Day

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“He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.” Proverbs 10:4
“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.” – Isaac Newton

Cali Calico Paper Doll | Free Friday

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Hello friends!! Exciting news …there’s a new paper doll in the Melissa Jacie family of paper dolls …Cali Calico!

Hello, everybody! My name is Cali, and it’s so exciting to be a part of the Melissa Jacie paper doll family! I’m looking forward to getting to know Clementine Curls, Joyful Joyce, and the others!
Download Cali Here
I would love to hear in the comments if you downloaded Cali! I hope you have fun with her!

Using a Printer in Your Process | Tuesday Tips

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This is a simple method that can really help illustrators in their process! You’ll need some artwork intended for coloring/painting, as well as a camera/scanner, computer with editing software, a printer, and paper.

After you have created the artwork you want to color or paint, use a scanner to upload the artwork to your computer. If you do not have a scanner, use a camera. Although a high quality camera would be optimum, I think you could do a version of this method with a phone camera! ;)

Once the artwork is in the computer, use an editing software to crop and work with the exposure as needed. I use Photoshop to help me in getting the artwork ready. If your editing program has the capability, you can clean up the artwork by erasing parts that may have had issues or problems.

It’s hard to tell, but can you see the printing on the right hand piece of artwork? Another advantage to this method, (if you decide to print your drawing softer than the original) is that you can add to your drawing or change it without too much problem when you’re coloring it.
Next, decide what kind of paper you want to print the artwork onto. (Check your printer manual to see what kinds of paper your printer can handle.) This is soooo helpful, because if you haven’t already guessed, you can print multiple copies of your drawing! No need to worry about ruining your color work or messing up your drawing …just print it again! :)

I really like this method and highly recommended it! Have you tried this before? How has it worked for you?
(Note: Photos are edited.)

Polly Dolly | Storytime

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Once upon a time, nestled by a beautiful meadow, sat a little cottage. It was yellow–just like lemon pie, with pink sprinkles on top. There was a chocolate covered porch–not actual chocolate you know, but the paint looked like it.

A sweet-faced ragdoll lived there, named Polly Dolly. She kept all sorts of little plants on the porch because she liked them so much. And whenever she found a little bud or blossom struggling in the soil outside, she would dig it up and put in in a little pot so that she could take care of it and help make it strong again.

Oil Painting and Q&A | Wednesday Behind-the-Scenes

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This year, I’ve started to pursue a focus in oil painting with my mentor. It is exciting to continue growing in this area. My journey really started with oils when I was in my mid-teens and I still have so far to go!


Things That Have Helped Me with Oils

Here’s a little list of several things I’ve found that have helped me in using this medium:

– Having a mentor and developing a deeper understanding of the foundation of good art.

– Learning charcoal with my mentor. It’s so neat to see the impact of our charcoal studies. Did you know that studying charcoal can positively affect your ability in oil?

– Using water-mixable oils. (Above picture.) I started out with regular student-quality oils and switched to water-mixable some time ago and it has been a blessing. It doesn’t mean I won’t ever use the real kind again, but for now, I’m enjoying these.

– Using The Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver soap! (I got mine from Hobby Lobby.)


Do you like using oils? What things have helped you in your oil studies? What is your favorite art medium?

Q&A Opportunity!

Over the next few days I’ll be available to answer questions you’d like to ask pertaining to oils and oil painting in the comments. I’ll be responding to every comment, so ask away!