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Walking on a winter’s day,
I began to hear the music’s way,
Soft it sang, whisper on the wind,
melody of winter, looking on the mend …
Lean in, listen close, and you’ll hear it too,
It rises and falls, in swirls of blue
Snowflakes, sparkles, glitters and gold,
winter is singing, your breath withhold
Azure is the sky, pink is the hue,
quiet as footsteps sings it to you
Listen with care, don’t breath or sigh,
melody of notes, both low and high
Some like a whisper, tread softly abroad
while others, more bold, rival the sod
Choirs of grass stems bow to begin,
anchors of leaves strike the harmony in
Precious as flutes, though bolder than snow,
it flutters and dances, and twirls just so
Rushing onward the silent orchestra sings,
it bows and it trembles, rising on wings
Sailing and singing it waves farewell,
as I step back through, over the sill.
– Melissa Jacie