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The Treasure Tree

Written by John & Cindy Trent, Gary & Norma Smalley

Illustrated by Judy Love

This book is an endearing classic to have on your shelf, both for its illustrations and story! It’s an allegory wrapped with a sweet children’s story involving four friends: Lance the Lion, Honey the Golden Retriever, Chewy the Beaver and Giggles the Otter, where each character portrays a personality characteristic.

After a birthday celebration in which the friends are given a challenge to find the treasure tree, they set out on a journey where they learn the lesson of needing to work together in order to have success.

Judy Love does a wonderful job illustrating this book with pen and watercolor illustrations (I’m guessing here on the art supplies). The illustrations are bright, fresh and beautiful, and I’m hoping to settle down with the book some cozy afternoon and give those illustrations an in-depth study!