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Illustration: Teddy Tells Tipsy the Stuffed Giraffe A Story

The soft breaking of the ocean’s waves stirred Teddy’s heart and made his imagination soar as he came to the end of his story.

“And as they sailed across the high seas they met pirates and storms and–”

“And dinosaurs.” Interjected Tipsy.

“Yes, and dinosaurs … and they conquered every one. They were champions of bravery.” With a sigh of dreamy, child-filled wonder, Teddy rolled over onto his side and gazed at the sea.

“Champions.” Whispered Tipsy, awestruck at such extremes. A sudden thought flashed across his mind. “But they didn’t conquer Maine, did they?”

“Oh no,” replied Teddy softly. “Maine was their home.”

– A Tale of Three