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Have you ever felt discouraged, un-motivated and un-inspired over creating art? Perhaps you vaguely want to draw, paint or create something, but getting yourself excited over it is hard.

Today, I’d like to share with you a list of ideas on how to get re-inspired as an artist. Need some uplift in your artistic journey? Let’s dive in!

Idea #1 – Pray About It

You can ask God, the best Creator and Artist of all to inspire your heart with His Word, guide you for what He wants you to create and give you the diligence needed to accomplish it.

Idea #2 – Encourage Someone Else

Think back to a time when you’ve encouraged someone else with your work. How did you do it? Was it by a greeting card, a handmade print, or a bookmark? Pick someone to encourage and create a little something for them. Just seeing their smile and gratitude could be the little push needed to keep going!

Idea #3 – Look at Other Artist’s Work

This one comes with some caution, since looking at other artist’s work can be an hindrance rather than a help. If this is the case, then I’d recommend taking a break from looking at other artist’s work and focusing on your own for a week. Don’t allow yourself to look at children’s books or look at art in other ways. Try to keep your exposure to other artist’s work to a minimum and maximize your time focusing on developing your own work instead.

Idea #4 – Just Start In

“Just starting in” may be the best thing to do. Find a small project, or an inspiring photo to sketch. One thing that might help is to think of any sort of art project that sounds interesting and inspiring for you. For example, instead of forcing yourself to start into something that doesn’t inspire you, perhaps give yourself fifteen minutes to do anything you like as long it is getting the pencil to the paper, or the paintbrush to the canvas. Get the momentum going and then try riding on it.
Do you have ideas to add to this list on how to get re-inspired as an artist and get over mental blocks? Share in the comments!

Many thanks to Liz Anderson Photography for the picture in this post! :)