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The dress is before you. Waiting to be colored. In your mind’s eye you envision a beautiful white lacy dress like you’ve always dreamed of wearing. Glancing down at the dress to be colored, you suddenly realize that all you really need to do is color in the doll’s arms and you’ll be finished.

But something’s missing.

Let’s figure out why …

1. Get up from the computer and hunt around your house for a piece of white material. (Like a white t-shirt.) Once you’ve found it, take it over to a window and drape it across the back of a chair.

2. Stand back and look at it.

3. Find a piece of paper and write down all the colors you see on the white t-shirt and then come back to the computer.

4. Click on the comment link at the top of this post, scroll to the bottom and in the box provided share all the colors you found.

I can hardly wait to see what colors you find!

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