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The past three posts in this sketching series focused on being relaxed, trying different styles, practicing from life, and getting the idea. This week’s focus is on:

Tip #5 – Do It Daily

As I have been thinking about sketching more consistently, I have been realizing the true importance of it. Just like professional pianists will often practice hours each day–so too, if we want to become very skilled in sketching–we need to practice it often, if not daily!

Here are three ideas to help in getting started with the habit of sketching daily:

– Think about your day and set aside a half an hour (or fifteen minutes) of time which you can dedicate fully to sketching. Have a family member keep you accountable to accomplishing this practice time each day.
– Place a sketchbook in whatever room you are in the most often during the day. Keep two sharp pencils and an eraser alongside of it. This will help you keep your supplies at hand so you will not have to take part of your set aside sketching time to gather supplies.
– Place a small sketchbook in your backpack or purse so that whenever you are out of the house, and have a spare moment, you can spend some time sketching.
What do you like best about sketching? Share your thoughts, tips and ideas in the comments! I’d love to hear them!